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Is this you? You are very good at what you do but you are not making enough money to make ends meet.  You are passionate about what you do.  Customers love your work but still you are not profitable.

You are a motivated, hard-working person.  You live in the suburbs with your family.  You are independently minded and, like millions of other Aussies, you are giving business a red-hot go.

But what started out as a dream is starting to feel like a nightmare.  Your path to freedom is quickly becoming your financial prison.  As much as you try, you can’t pin-point the problem.

With children at school and a mortgage to pay, stress levels are rising. You are not sleeping.   More money is going out than coming in.  Business and personal debt is blowing out.

Your day of reckoning is coming fast.  You have to make a difficult decision – do you tip more money in, or do you cut and run?  If you stay, you risk bankruptcy.  If you shut up shop and get a job, it will take you a decade to recover.  It is a terrible feeling.

Your other option is to seek help.

From my experience, your problem is likely to be lack of financial management.  Your skill set is centred on the products and services you sell.  However there is more to know in business.  Financial management and control is a very common blind spot.

A common example …

“If your product and service costing is wrong, your profit margin could be less than you think.   So, no matter how good your products and services are you will never make money.”

My solution

I will personally come and help you.  I have no system to sell and I don’t have a magic wand.  Nor do I have any intention of writing a ‘door-stop’ size business plan.  I will just roll up my sleeves, stand beside you and help you.

What you are hiring is grey hair; the result of 30 years diversified business experience.  There are no guarantees, but if your business is not too far gone, it shouldn’t take long to point you in the right direction.  From there I will help you to prepare a very short, concise action plan.  From there, we can talk about ongoing business coaching.  The cost to you will be nowhere near as great as the cost of doing nothing.

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