Business strategy implementation – workplace disharmony

You have completed your business plan and you have moved to business strategy implementation.  Something is not right.  Your workplace is not the harmonious pit of productivity you expected.

Part of the answer lies in the different goals and motivations of business owner and employee.

Owners are primarily investors and risk takers who seek career independence.  Employees are the opposite.  They tend to be risk-averse income seekers who value security and predictability.

The more ambitious ‘2-3 year stay’ employee will appear to be taking a risk by job-hop for promotion but there is little real risk provided he or she is reasonably competent.

Because owners and employees view the business world from opposite perspectives, their motivation and decision making are always going to be diametrically opposed.

Business owners want a return on investment therefore they want profit results.  The only results that really interest most employees are their continuing job prospects, a good income and security for their family.

Most employees are happy to exchange a good day’s work for their wages.  However, they are not focused on profit results anywhere near as much as the owner is.

Although employees are often judged and rewarded on performance, their performance targets are more likely to be related to sales, gross profit or key performance indicators.  It is only the owner who is really focused on the bottom line.

That makes for a natural divergence of goals between employer and employee.  Owners’ goals are generally tied to their business while an employee’s goals can relate to anything but the business.

Money can encourage goal confluence in the short term. In other words, people are happy to be compliant for money until it suits them to do otherwise.  However, in the longer term, people tend to follow their own path.

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