Business coaching Brisbane – think opportunity, think international

Up until recently, my business coaching Brisbane practice has been a local practice focusing on Australian clients only.  It has meant a lot of interstate travel, lots of proposals and presentations, plus more admin that I ever wanted to do.

Things have changed.  These days I don’t do a lot of face-to-face consulting; I do most of it online.  All of my marketing, all of my communication and all of my face-to-face client interaction are done over the internet.  This enables me to travel and find interesting businesses opportunities and product opportunities in other countries.

By doing that, I am fulfilling my desire to travel and I see businesses all over the world.  I like to offer you what other business coaches can’t – and that is the real business of innovation, new ideas and different ways of doing things.

As I have said in my ‘light bulb’ moments video series, “Opportunity is always outside the house.  It is never on the couch.”  So I take my own advice and literally go see the world of business.

It was two years ago that I decided to move my entire consulting business online.  My brief to my internet marketing consultant was to help me get to the point where I could conduct my business from any café or hotel room in the world.

These days, my business is 100% online.  It has taken a while and cost me some money but it is worth it to work in an environment of complete freedom.  Now I can pursue my three passions in life – business coaching, travel and practicing Aikido; all of which I can do anywhere in the world.

Business has changed, mainly because of the internet.  We can see, talk to, write electronically to, sell to and transfer media instantly to anyone in the world either free or at low cost.  As a result, one need is superseding another.  The need to battle the morning traffic to work is being replaced by the need to have a significant internet presence.

As downtown office rents rise, the cost of parking becomes prohibitive and overpriced and overcrowded public transport continues to remove the last shreds of human dignity, I’m sure that businesses will eventually move away from the centralised CBD space concept and increasingly outsource online.

On my last overseas trip I saw some really interesting business concepts in Japan and British Columbia Canada.   There are so many products and services that are readily transferable but are not yet in Australia.  The world is simply bristling with opportunity!

In these countries, as in Australia, some of the need is driven by climate.  Shops selling warm winter clothes, winter sports equipment and a proliferation of coffee are a direct result of the very cold weather, the need to stay warm and the need for recreation.

Some products, particularly in Japan, are driven by different culture and customs.  However, there are many products and services that are not related to weather, culture or customs and are readily transferable to Australia.

Until next time!