Are we really connected?

Business building Australia

When the first black and white television sets appeared in the windows of the local hardware and electrical store, I joined family and neighbours on the footpath after closing time and stared through the shop window in amazement.  Now, in the digital age, there is barely a household in the country that doesn’t have one or two big screen TVs.  The internet, the mobile phone and now the iphone mean that we are connected to the entire world.

But we are not really connected; not in the old fashioned sense.  What we now mean by ‘connected’ is that the whole world and most of the information in it is available to us electronically at the click of a mouse.  Yep! I even remember when the word ‘mouse’ had only one meaning – the little furry animal with a long tail.

Even though a business will not survive in the future without an internet presence, business is still all about people.  There is still a need for human connection.  It’s built into our DNA.