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An Interesting Savings Product No One Knows About

I want to tell you about a little known savings and investment product called the Investment Bond.  It also goes under the names of Growth Bond and Insurance Bond.   It is generally available from Friendly Societies and Insurance Companies. It is a 10-year non-superannuation product with an underlying investment in managed funds that offers tax […]

What would you do?

Did you know that your 40’s is the dangerous decade for onset of chronic health conditions?  For most families, this is the peak decade of home-building, child-raising, and carving out a career. It is a busy and stressful time so it is no surprise that in the fifth decade of life, the engine splutters or […]

Three (3) Tips on Personal Insurance

There are some serious misconceptions out there about personal risk insurance.  Take it from one who knows that all that glitters is not gold when it comes to insurance.  The super-convenience of over-the-phone, immediate instant sign-up, direct insurance with no medicals may lead to disappointment later on if you don’t read the fine print.  Here […]

Don’t Leave a Mess in the Hereafter

In a nutshell, estate planning is getting your financial affairs in order ahead of your passing.  What it really means though is not leaving a bloody big mess for your spouse or kids to clean up. Families in conflict over money with more lawyers than you need, dragging it out for years, is a common […]

My Best Way to Retire is …

I am often asked the best way to retire.  It’s not an easy answer because everyone is different in terms of their dreams, personal situation and money.  However, I can tell you with genuine insight how I personally am approaching and dealing with retirement.  I’m in the second half of my sixties and so far, so […]

So You Want to Buy a Property in Your SMSF

Buying a property through your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is quite straight forward if you have the money in your fund to purchase it outright, ideally with other diversified assets and some cash left over.  It becomes  a bit more complicated when you want to borrow money to make the purchase. There are three […]

Retirement – Making the Most of the Last Lap

Retirement is generally regarded as quitting full time work somewhere in our 60’s, and starting a new phase of life without having to trudge off to a daily shift at the salt mine. Although retirement can last 20 or 30 years, it is the last lap because there is only one outcome at the end of it. […]

Your Super – the Inside Story

Superannuation is the government’s legislated system of saving for retirement.  Its main advantage is the concession of reduced taxation and because it is compulsory for employed people, it’s a type of forced savings.  The disadvantage is that it is complicated for the layperson; and in fact a good many financial advisers avoid detailed superannuation advice because […]

The Road Back From Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a process where you are legally declared unable to meet your debts.  But this is not a course of action or a decision that anyone should take lightly. Firstly, you may not be released from all of your debts. Secondly, being declared bankrupt can permanently affect whether you can get credit in the […]