The designer Ben Sherman once said, “effortless cool is a detailed proces”. Having been a business advisor for 20 years, and witnessing client after client repeat the same business mistakes, I realised that success in business, like life, is the direct result of one’s state of mind. Success stems from focus and calm, and calm (like cool) is a detailed process. My success in business came much earlier in life, however it was only in recent years that I started practising Aikido. On my journey, I realised that these focus and calming strategies had a place in the business world, and could be applied each and every day to benefit my clients in their pursuit of business and personal success.

In my first eBook Ready, Steady, Calm: Mind Strategies for Success in Life and Business, I’ve written a 86 page primer on the strategies I now incorporate into my advisory business: developing a calm mind, the power of positive thinking, and harnessing the power of intention for business development.