comprehensive tutorial program $660

The next ASIC / ACER adviser exam will be held on Thursday 15th February (indicative). 


No CPD available – please see statement on home page


This pack contains a combination of 12 tutorials (as written resources) covering the curriculum, plus a series of topic-by-topic audio bites covering important aspects of the Corporations Act and Code of Ethics. Besides the 220 or so tutorial questions spread across the 12 modules, the program contains an additional 200+ practice questions. In recent times, I have added documents to help you better respond to multiple choice and short answer questions; and to interpret the very general and largely unhelpful feedback you receive with your result notice.

This is a DIY program which enables you to learn at your own pace in your own time.

There is a lot to cover and in my experience, knowledge contained in such a wide curriculum needs to be absorbed over a significant period of time.  Cramming is not recommended.  If you can, please allow yourself at least 6-8 weeks lead time ahead of your exam; and get into a regular study routine by prioritising a significant amount of time each week for study (e.g. 10-12 hrs / wk) in a quiet, non-distracted environment.

Please note that personal tuition, in any form, is not part of the program. Besides, you shouldn’t need personal tuition as this program has all the resources you need to prepare for the exam.  Everything I have covered in previous group Zoom tutoring sessions is now in this program.

Once you embrace the program and start working through it, you will answer all of your own questions.  If after you have been through the  reading and listened to the audio bites you still need to ask a question or two, please send an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Comprehensive Tutorial Pack. When you click on the button above, you will be taken to an online registration form where you will be asked for a few details. The information collected is for invoicing purposes and so I can contact you if necessary.

Registration and payment are not automated or instant processes.  When I see your registration, I will email you an invoice and once payment is made I will email you a link and password to your Comprehensive Tutorial resource page.

Please note that I do not have card facilities so please make payment by Electronic Funds Transfer.

Best wishes