Superannuation & Retirement Advice Manual $1,320
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Put theory into practice by learning how to provide superannuation & retirement planning advice to your clients, confidently and competently.

My Comprehensive Super & Retirement Advice Manual $1,320 

(no personal mentoring included: no CPD available):


Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Super advice to employers

Module 3 – Basic rules of super

Module 4 – Client engagement

Module 5 – Superannuation Strategies

Module 6 – Investing in Super

Module 7 – Insurance in Super

Module 8 – Navigating Industry Funds

Module 9 – Super Retirement Planning

Module 10 – Intro to Aged Care

Module 11 – Case Studies

Zoom Mentoring

My Comprehensive Superannuation & Retirement Guide will form the basis of the Zoom mentoring sessions.  The purpose is to help you understand practical advice concepts and build value in your practice.  Whilst I am very happy to guide you with current client superannuation & retirement issues,  I am unable to provide de facto advice or review SoAs.

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The Superannuation & Retirement Advice Coaching Pack

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