Gary is an experienced strategic planning facilitator who is able to guide you through the difficult process of strategic change, critical self assessment, goal setting, opportunity seeking, demand matching, competitive advantage and business planning. He will provide the strategic framework for your next team planning retreat. Now is precisely the time to step back from your business and for you, your staff and stakeholders to plan and take ownership of your new direction.

Having difficulty reaching agreement on your corporate vision or developing a simple, engaging mission statement? As an experienced business planning facilitator, Gary can add tremendous value. Most mission statements don’t pass the ‘Mum test’. That is, if your Mum can’t understand it, you can bet it is still too long and full of intangible fluff, industry jargon and business-speak.


Just as you need a personal will, so does your business, but not just in the event of your death. You must also plan for your eventual easing, back, retirement, sale or handing over to a family member or anointed staff successor. It is also critical that you protect your business from the unexpected. Do you really want to be in business with your current business partner’s spouse if he or she dies or becomes unable to contribute long term? Avoid ending up with a worthless business asset. Protect the value of your ‘hard-earned nest-egg’ that lies within your partnership or multi-owner company. There are some very attractive tax advantages but only if you structure your solutions correctly.

Our introductory chat is at no charge to you. If we can‘t help you, we won’t charge you. Gary Weigh & Associates is a fee-for-service practice. We pride ourselves on making quality advice affordable and well within the reach of everyone