So how do you make money in a recession? The answer is that when times are tough, it is never uniformly tough across all areas of the economy. In recession, the fact is that many businesses are making money and thriving. The old saying, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure” is absolutely true.

In recession, the commercial world as we know it changes rapidly. Business opportunities aren’t where they were before and the financial pillars have crumbled, making finance hard to come by and forcing many businesses into positions of inflexibility and decline. For those who are willing and able to adapt, a major slow-down is a great business opportunity to return to the basics and do some quality business planning so they can survive and grow in the changed environment.


This 20-page easy to read article shows you how to seek out great ideas and opportunities for a business that can grow in recession. I also reveal my proven 15 golden rules of sound sensible business. This is the knowledge you need before risking your money, your family and your lifestyle chasing a dream. It is also a must for anyone wanting to rejuvenate or rebuild their business.

There has never been a better time to get into the quality end of investment markets and there has never been a better time to start a commercial enterprise based on solid business principles. All you need is the right opportunity, a little guidance, a good business plan, professional help to start business and adherence to the 15 golden rules of sound sensible business.

It’s the decisions made in boom times that ultimately determine how a business will fare in recession. So whether the economy is boom or bust, a business that adheres to these golden rules will survive. Besides, recession is a cyclic event; there will be more in the future. So don’t stand around watching the old world collapse. It’s time to find your opportunity and act.

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