Thank you for your application.

You have successfully enrolled for the following session of the

Financial Adviser Examination

Date: 24/06/2019

Venue: Brisbane (Cliftons)

Reporting Time: 1:00pm

Address: 288 Edward Street Brisbane City QLD 4000

1. Candidate Registration Portal Login

The Candidate Registration Account Login page is located at:

Please log in using your Application ID (below), and the password that you created when registering.

Application ID: FA ______

Ensure you keep this notification as you will need these details to log in to your account. By logging in, you are able to access or update your details and view your assessment results once they become available.

2. Admission Ticket

You will receive an email at least five (5) business days prior to the date of your examination confirming that your Admission Ticket is now available to download from your Candidate Registration Account. This ticket will include your photo, the date of your exam, your reporting time and the venue address.

You must present a printed copy of the Admission Ticket during registration on the day of your examination. The ticket can be printed in either black and white or colour. If you do not present a printed copy of the Admission Ticket, you will be refused entry to the exam.

Please note that Admission Tickets presented on mobile phones or other electronic devices will not be accepted.

If you are unable to download your ticket, or if you update your email address, it is your responsibility to advise the FA Examinations Team at

3. Acceptable identification to bring to the exam

You will need to present acceptable photo-bearing identification on the day of your exam. Acceptable identification is as follows:

  • A current Australian driver’s licence
  • A current Australian passport
  • A current Australian proof of age card
  • A Keypass ID

If you believe that you will not be able to present any of the above forms of identification, you will need to contact the FA Examinations Team prior to the day of your exam

Failure to present acceptable identification will result in refused entry to the exam.

4. Practice Questions

A set of Practice Questions will be available on the FASEA website.

5. Cancelling your exam application

If you wish to cancel your application to sit the FA Exam, please ensure you first read the refund terms on the website.

To cancel your sitting you are required to email the FA Examinations Team at no less than ten (10) business days prior to your test sitting. Please include your name and application ID.

6. Important note for new entrants (Professional Year candidates)

For candidates applying as New Entrants (Professional Year candidates), please note that your application to enrol in this examination is not finalised until your Responsible Manager completes the mandatory New Entrant (Professional Year candidate) Verification Online Form. This online form has already been emailed to your Responsible Manager. We will notify you via email once they have completed it and your application has been finalised.

If you have queries about this process, or do not receive confirmation from us that your application has been finalised, please contact the FA Examinations Team at

Thank you and good luck.

Kind regards,