Ask yourself the following:

1. Do you have a set of written goals that you use to direct the business?
2. Are you currently realising the full potential of the business?
3. Are you maximising your income and other rewards from the business?
4. Are you working smart rather than hard?
5. Do you have balance in your life, e.g. enough time for family or hobbies?
6. Is your focus on more than the immediate problems of the business?
7. Is the business regularly reviewed to update and refresh its direction?
8. Do you have sufficient control over the business?
9. Do you have a clear picture of how your business will look in 3 years?
10. Do you have effective strategies for obtaining new clients?
11. Are you maximising the potential of your existing clients?
12. Is the business currently capitalising on its strengths?
13. Are you taking action to address the weaknesses of your business?
14. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities in your markets?
15. Do you measure more than just the financial results?
16. Are you spending sufficient time on the business’s long-term issues?
17. Are you using systems to minimise your time on non-income activities?
18. Are your employees maximising their contribution to the business?
19. Are you working on the business rather than in the business?
20. Are you using a Coach to build your business and achieve your goals?

If you answered no to 5 or more of these questions, then your business is not realising it’s full potential and stands to benefit from coaching.

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