Please allow me to introduce and commend Gary Weigh to you. Gary made a direct approach to me a few years ago with regard to his financial planning services. At first I was wary and a little skeptical because I didn’t know him. But what impressed me very early on, was his depth of knowledge. He has the ability to look at my business and my personal finances as a whole and he understands both very well, particularly the effect one has on the other. What has continued to impress me is that Gary was always there to help me during the tough times. Others would only appear when there was excess money to invest. He is now a friend and I am now an advocate.

Scott Johnson, Owner, Rockaway Records, Ashgrove, QLD

Gary recently facilitated a strategic planning day for the Griffith University Aikido Club. His emphasis on focus and opportunity enabled us to pool our ideas in a non-judgmental environment and to paint a clear vision for the future. We now begin the New Year with a plan that all members have bought into.

Dr Daniel James, Club President, Griffith University Aikido Club, Brisbane, QLD

I was originally referred to Gary as a trusted financial planner who could help me arrange corporate superannuation for my employees. At the time I was involved in some business arrangements that had become very complicated and were quickly sending me broke. Although at the time I didn’t know Gary was also an experienced business adviser, I felt desperate and told him my story anyway in the hope that he might be able to help me. He listened for two hours and by the following day he had arranged all the expertise that I needed to solve my seemingly insurmountable problems. Although it still took many hard months to finally get out of the trouble I was in, I at last had a competent team on my side that cared. He not only saved my business, he saved my life!

Darren Townsend, Owner, Network Video Stores, Brisbane, QLD

My daughter was referred to Gary and she introduced him to me as someone who could help my business. Gary examined the operation and within a week had recommended changes that quickly increased margins and decreased expenses. There is no doubt in my mind that he revived my business because market conditions had changed but I hadn’t. I was working hard in the business every day but just couldn’t see the forest for the trees. The FORMIDABLE Business program now keeps me focused and in control of my business. Just knowing that there is someone to talk to who knows his stuff has made life a lot easier.

Graeme Little, Owner, Air Electric Power Tools, Brisbane, QLD

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