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Charity Services

We believe that solid business principles should drive the machinery that underpins charity fundraising activity. Doing the most with the least business resources is a business fallacy. Our ‘peer to peer partnership’ philanthropy model offers donor choice and transparency together with high return value. We segment the donor market according to identified range of criteria relevant to the charity. We undertake financial analysis to determine target project funding. We formulate the donor value proposition and design the approach strategies. We then back up our planning services with hands on implementation in partnership with the client organisation.

Business Owner Services

If you are a business, we can certainly increase your opportunities to make more sales. But sometimes, lack of customers isn’t the problem. Skinny margins can be problems that are hard to fix for owners who are at the coal face each day. The solution is often found in reviewing pricing and costing of your product and service range. Productivity also plays a part. If you are an owner operator who has never been trained in financial management, we will show you the tools you need. Having an accounting system is a start, but you need to understand exactly what the figures are telling you to be in control.

Networking Services

If you are tired of getting up early to go to breakfast networking groups, we can simply introduce you to the referrers you need. You will be able to spend more time doing work and making money and less time finding customers. You can provide us with the people you would like to approach and we will do it ever so gently and respectfully or else we can search for you.

Start-up Business Services

If you are starting out on your business journey, or even thinking about it, we can coach you. But please, please call us before you make the leap because there are a few things that you need to do that can’t be done later. To be successful in business, you need a good plan and a way of doing things that is very different. You must have an edge. It is also important that you set up and start as you mean to go on. Once you are operational we can offer you all of the services described above.

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