Get Smart About Your Work Super

Most people ignore their work super until it is almost time to retire.  For some reason it is little more than a pesky bit of paperwork when starting a new job.  Doing nothing with such a valuable asset is one of the worst life decisions you can make!!

If you would like to get the most out of your super and make it work for you all the way up to your retirement, then give me a call.  I will review what you have and help you consolidate any multiple accounts into one good super account (maybe one you already have) and help you set up the essentials you need in your fund to serve you well for many years to come.

Here are 8 BIG REASONS why you should take an interest in your super

  1. It is actually your money
  2. It is forced long term savings
  3. It is invested on your behalf in the most tax effective structure in Australia
  4. It will build up over time and likely to be the highest value asset you will ever have
  5. It has or can have valuable insurance benefits to protect you and your family through to retirement
  6. It is a nest egg that can be spent as you please in retirement
  7. If you don’t make it to retirement, it goes to your family and will help them a lot
  8. It you get sick or injured and can no longer work it triggers early to become your main source of income

The majority of superannuation I see suffers from a lack of care and owner neglect.  If you don’t like super, learn to like it because if you are in the workforce you can’t avoid it.  I urge you to take an interest in your long term savings account.  I can tell you from my experience with many clients, “One day you will be grateful to have your super nest egg and you’ll will wish you had more.”

Be smart and call me.  Regardless of which fund you are in, together we will get you super fund working hard for you.

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