I am currently accepting registrations for the 10-week program August 2019 intake.  This is scheduled to be a 10-week program, where we meet online via Zoom at the same time on the same day same day for 10 consecutive weeks.


Simply complete the online registration form (on the Choose & Register page) and I will email you an invoice with my bank details.  There will be a time gap between enrollment and receipt of invoice because I would like to get as many advisers as possible on a (discounted) group rate.  Please pay by Electronic Funds Transfer.


A weekly structured reading list will be emailed to you a few days in advance, together with a set of topic-related practice exam questions.  The 10-week program follows the FASEA published curriculum.

The idea is that you do the reading in advance of the tutorial and genuinely attempt the practice exam questions.  In the tutorial, I will go through the exam questions and provide the answers, answer questions and discuss any issues that arise.  Zoom allows you to send me a message during the tutorial if you would like to ask a question.

The practice questions are similar to the recently released FASEA exam practice questions.  They include multiple choice, true / false and open ended.  On occasions I will set a case study for group discussion in the tutorial.   My aim is to give you plenty of practice at answering questions, remembering that the National Adviser Exam will comprise 64 multiple choice questions and 6 open ended short answer questions.

It is important to understand that my tutorial program is a support mechanism only, and your attendance at this tutorial will NOT guarantee you a pass in the National Adviser Exam.  The purpose of this program is to help you get you started on a regular study pattern of revision; make sense of the daunting FASEA reading list, and provide practice exam question so you can test your own knowledge.  Passing the National Adviser Exam is entirely your responsibility and the onus remains on you whether you book into my program or not.


The group tutorial sessions are conducted online through ZOOM conferencing software.

On the day prior to the scheduled tutorial, you will be emailed a link to join the scheduled meeting.  At the appointed time, merely click on the link and follow the instructions to join the meeting.  This may involve allowing the Zoom software to be downloaded onto your computer of smart phone.

The tutorial sessions are nominally 1-hour in duration, but can be longer or shorter depending on the level of participation.  At the end of the meeting, I will stay in the meeting to assist you if needed and to answer questions.

All sessions will be recorded, so if you cannot attend a meeting, you can catch it up later.  I will place the recordings on a private page on this website. It is highly recommended that you attend and participate in as many tutorials as possible.

2. The DIY HOME TUTORIAL PACK (Available on Monday 15th July) 

You are choosing not to attend the 10 x live tutorials via Zoom.  Instead you will gain access to all of the written materials used in the 10-week tutorial program.  This includes the weekly structured reading lists, and the practice exam questions.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions when you are about halfway through and, if necessary towards the end.  The final element in the pack is a multi-question practice exam where you can test your own knowledge.

The price is fixed at $330 per adviser.  There are no group rates available.  Register for the DIY Home Tutorial Pack now and I will contact you and invoice you as soon as it is ready.