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Seven Ways to Boost Your Super

In my experience, people don’t need a million dollars to retire comfortably. Whilst a million dollars would be nice, the fact is that few people will ever retire with this amount of money. Most people retire with less than half a million dollars (in many cases, much less) and get by quite nicely.  It’s all […]

Become Credit Card Savvy

Make no mistake. Credit cards are designed to keep you in debt forever unless you are wise to them. How? The repayment terms are designed to encourage you to pay the minimum monthly payment only, thus opening the door for outrageous rates of interest to be charged (up to 20% and higher) on the bigger […]

Work Super 101 – Part 1

If you have a full time job or part time job, then you will have superannuation. Regardless of your views on super, it is compulsory for employers to pay a certain level of super for their employees.  It is currently 9.5% of your ordinary time earnings.  Generally speaking, it is paid on the amount you […]

Money at Call to Regain Your Life

Judging by what I see every day as a financial adviser, the silent enemy in family money management is FINANCIAL STRESS. Financial stress causes arguments, breaks up marriages, and has the capacity to make a serious illness a whole lot worse. The irony is that it is not caused by lack of money but by […]

Stories of the ‘BIG C’ Curse

Last year, a friend of mine who is also a client, had elective breast surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon found a small tumor and removed it. She had been completely unaware of it and even a recent mammogram hadn’t detected it. Several weeks later, she let me know what had happened and I suggested […]

Financial Advice or Smoke and Mirrors?

The financial advice industry is one that has lost some respect over the years.  For so long it has been too easy for anyone off the street to do an online course and set up shop.  It has also been too easy for adviser self-interest to interfere with client best interest.  The rogues and the inexperienced have […]

Basic Protection and Estate Planning

No one likes to think about their own incapacity or mortality but estate planning and insurance-planning is not about you.  In the event of something going seriously wrong, it’s about considering the family around you, who must care for you. In the event of your death, whether premature or not, it’s about leaving clear instructions […]

Investment for Beginners

If you are a novice and not sure where to start with investing, please ask me.  I would rather give you general advice and guidance free of charge than know you have charged ahead and lost your money. Meanwhile, read on and learn about THREE INVESTMENT SCREAMERS that can cause a lot of financial pain. […]

Are all Superannuation Funds the same?

Definitely not! They are all different, and I have summarised some the most common types of super in the marketplace with a brief description: Government Super – if you work in any level of government you will have this type of super.  Some funds offer some great contribution benefits and if you have been in […]