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SMSF Investment Strategy – The Jewel In the Crown

The Investment Strategy is the most important process in running an SMSF. Getting this part right is the difference between limping along on one cylinder and turning your SMSF into a high performance retirement vehicle. Whilst administration and compliance are important, the real purpose of your SMSF is to maximise and manage your retirement savings. […]

Set Up An SMSF … Now What?

People I see leaving the mainstream superannuation system to an SMSF environment are usually disillusioned in some way. Either they have had poor advice in the past, or suffered loss in the GFC, or they want to stop money leaking out of their fund by way of advisor commissions. Of course, some make the move […]

Be Sure Of Your Purpose Before Moving To An SMSF

You might wonder why it is important to set clear goals and be certain about your reasons for leaving the mainstream superannuation system to start your own SMSF. I have had two instances recently, where SMSF trustee groups came to me AFTER they’d already moved from mainstream super to the SMSF environment, saying that they […]

Two Clients Reach Different Decisions About SMSF

These two client stories provide some insight into the process of weighing up the pros and cons of an SMSF. You will read in the first client story why Veronica and John decided to proceed to an SMSF and in the second, why Patricia and Alfred decided against it. Client Story 1 – Veronica and […]

When Your SMSF Has Run Its Course

Although an SMSF can become a multi-generational retirement vehicle, I have observed situations where clients’ SMSFs have run their natural course. These include: All members have met a condition of release and the benefits have been paid out A member’s business and / or the SMSF-owned premises have been sold and the reason for an […]

SMSF Exit Triggers in Retirement

Without putting too fine a point on it, retirement is a journey from ceasing work to the end of life, and it is far from a homogeneous experience. Circumstances change and sometimes change suddenly. At Gary Weigh & Associates, we see retirees going through three broad phases. Settling in Phase This period is different for […]

If Investing in SMSF, Create a Vision

In my experience as Principal Advisor at Gary Weigh & Associates, many people don’t have a clear vision for their SMSF before jumping in. The overriding need for control over superannuation is not enough. It is important to understand why the need for an SMSF exists. As an experienced financial advisor, I can tell you […]